Friday, June 10, 2011

Rabid Beavers

These shots were taken in a park in Northeast Philadelphia, Pennypack Park. At the time, although my photographer, Stephanie Baur and I did not know this, there were rabid beavers roaming around and biting people! Needless to say, we are rather lucky not to be victims! I guess no more pictures at the park for a while (insert sad face here).

In this picture I would much rather have worn sandals, but I had just gotten off of work and Steph asked if I wanted to take some shots. It was hot that day, as it has been for it seems weeks here in Philadelphia, and I tend to gravitate towards dresses. 

c'est la vie dahling,

Samantha Jole

[dress, belt, & necklace, Forever 21// shoes, Aspen Clothing//sunglasses, Ray-Ban//ring, gift from "JC"] 


  1. Ahhh, I want a pic of a rabid beaver--- from a distance of course!

  2. I love this dress, gave me some ideas. Merci beaucoup pour (Thanks a bunch).