Thursday, September 29, 2011

What's your style and who do ya listen to? Who cares?

These pictures were taken back in the summer and I haven't posted them yet! I miss my long hair.  :(

Work has been super busy and when I get home, I am super tired or I have something to do so that is the reasoning for the lack of posts. On the bright side I got a bunch of clothes for $40 at work today... yeah I like it better than the bank. lol.

c'est la vie dahling,

Samantha Jole

[dress, h&m//shoes, Target//earrings, Forever 21//belt, Ross]

Saturday, September 17, 2011

I'll need all day tomorrow to recover from today.

Hello! Sorry for the lack of posts but I have been SUPER busy with the new job. This is my first day off in ten days! Now today I have to run errands and then meet up with Amanda for a dance party later on.

These pictures were taken on my going away party at the bank. Miss Stephanie Baur took these snaps and got a couple before my batteries died. Alright lovely's, off to make the best of my day off.

c'est la vie dahling,

Samantha Jole

[dress, APT 9 //blazer, Nothing Fits//shoes, Ross//"necklace", h&m//glasses, Warby Parker]

Monday, September 12, 2011

Give up your job at the bank proving money's not fun when you're gone.

Today was my last day at the bank I worked at for five years. I was sad to go, but at the same time I am moving forward into a new direction towards my goals and ambitions. I have made some great friends and have learned a lot from my experiences there. I am taking a leap, a chance, and I hope that it is a positive one. 

Thursday was my "Good Bye" lunch. I asked for tacos and brownies... yum! They also got me a pretty cake, and another co-worker of mine bought me an Audrey Hepburn journal. I was so excited to see it-- I need a journal for my new job! For those co-workers that follow my blog and support me THANK YOU! You guys are awesome and I am going to miss each and every one of you!!

c'est la vie dahling,

Samantha Jole

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Style Inspiration: Jackie O

It's been a long time, since you've worn your pill box hat.

Sorry it had to be said, or should I say, sung?

Anyway, Style Inspiration this month is Jackie O! Simple, classic, and classy. She always looked chic and pulled together. Ms. Kennedy-Onasis set many trends such as the pill box hat and her big sunnies, now commonly known as "Jackie O glasses." (C'mon, you know you've got a pair!)

Jackie, we salute you! You don't look too shabby yourself, Mr. President.

c'est la vie dahling,

Samantha Jole

P.S. If you haven't seen "The Kennedy's" series yet, I highly suggest it!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Home is where you make it, love.

Welcome to my new abode! Isn't it just dahling?

I wish.

Really, this is a house in Old Fallsington, near where my wonderful friend Jordyn, also the photographer of these pictures, lives. It is a beautiful little town in PA with old buildings everywhere. I love this outfit. Everyone at work was telling me I look like I am strait out of the 70's, which I don't mind at all. Another rainy day here in Philadelphia. Trying to enjoy my two days off before having to go back to work! I think I am going to finish "The Help" today (if you haven't read it-- get to it! It is an amazing book).

c'est la vie dahling,

Samantha Jole

[shirt, h&m//pants, Charlotte Russe//necklace&belt, Forever 21//shoes, Ross// glasses, Warby Parker]