Thursday, April 27, 2017


The other day I was driving into work. I have to turn left into the parking lot, and there was a car coming out to turn right onto the road. It looked like they were going to turn out at the time that I was turning in, so I beeped. At that time I was annoyed and nervous that this moron was going to hit my car. Then, something happened that I was not expecting.

As I turned in and beeped, the woman waved and smiled at me. I turned from annoyed and anxious, to relieved and happy. Her smile and wave literally made me smile and lifted my mood. I wished that I had stopped and thanked her for that wonderful reaction. 

With that, remember that your actions do affect others moods and actions. Be kind. Smile. Heck, wave. It will make the world better, more enjoyable place to live. As they say, smiles are contagious.

xo (and a smile),

Samantha Jole

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Getting Back on the Horse

Hey all!

I have been away a LONG time. Much has changed! I have moved, gotten engaged, and got a new job!

What I am posting about today are some life changes I am currently making and I want you guys to come on this journey.

1. Minimalism. I am currently in the process of trying to minimize  my life and try to find my passions, values, and what makes me happy in life. I was inspired my watching the documentary "Minimalism" on Netflix, you should definitely check it out. I have already gone through my whole wardrobe and am trying to follow the Project 333. Stay tuned as I try to get rid of more stuff and "live a meaningful life with less" (The Minimalists).

2. Bullet Journaling. It is seriously so much fun! I love agendas, being organized, and being creative. I have been having a lot of fun creating my Bullet Journal (which I have been working on since February). Keep your eye out for a post!

3. The 28 Day Reset by Blogilates. Blogilates has a program where for 28 days you omit things like gluten, dairy, added sugar, processed foods, and alcohol. I am starting tomorrow, April 23rd. I also did her PIIT 28 workouts for about 2 months straight, but have also been training for a race so I recently got injured, so backed off a little bit. I really want to take control and get into the best shape and health of my life. During this time I am also going to try and gradually ween myself off of caffeine! It defiantly messed with my moods, anxiety and sleep. I am planning more posts on the food I am prepping for the week, how my workouts have been going, and hopefully some amazing results!

I am excited to start sharing different aspects of my life and sharing things that can hopefully help you find meaning/think are interesting!