Sunday, April 23, 2017

Getting Back on the Horse

Hey all!

I have been away a LONG time. Much has changed! I have moved, gotten engaged, and got a new job!

What I am posting about today are some life changes I am currently making and I want you guys to come on this journey.

1. Minimalism. I am currently in the process of trying to minimize  my life and try to find my passions, values, and what makes me happy in life. I was inspired my watching the documentary "Minimalism" on Netflix, you should definitely check it out. I have already gone through my whole wardrobe and am trying to follow the Project 333. Stay tuned as I try to get rid of more stuff and "live a meaningful life with less" (The Minimalists).

2. Bullet Journaling. It is seriously so much fun! I love agendas, being organized, and being creative. I have been having a lot of fun creating my Bullet Journal (which I have been working on since February). Keep your eye out for a post!

3. The 28 Day Reset by Blogilates. Blogilates has a program where for 28 days you omit things like gluten, dairy, added sugar, processed foods, and alcohol. I am starting tomorrow, April 23rd. I also did her PIIT 28 workouts for about 2 months straight, but have also been training for a race so I recently got injured, so backed off a little bit. I really want to take control and get into the best shape and health of my life. During this time I am also going to try and gradually ween myself off of caffeine! It defiantly messed with my moods, anxiety and sleep. I am planning more posts on the food I am prepping for the week, how my workouts have been going, and hopefully some amazing results!

I am excited to start sharing different aspects of my life and sharing things that can hopefully help you find meaning/think are interesting!


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