Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Yesterday, a blizzard came to Philadelphia. Since it was the day after a holiday, we already knew work was going to be very busy. Then, we got to leave early, so when we came in this morning short staffed, we KNEW we were going to be slammed.

With that said, we did not have a lunch break, so I was not able to properly heat up my boca burger and had to eat my wimpy spinach salad in between calls. I got so hungry I ate a pop tart from the vending machine. I know, probably not the best choice, but with limited time and options, that is what I went with. I had it planned to go to the gym after work, but again did not have anything to fuel properly. Plus, there was still snow on the ground, so all I wanted to do was get in and out ASAP. Well, my work out really paid the price.

I had it planned to run 30 minutes. It seriously felt like the longest run EVER. Usually, I feel pretty strong in my runs, but today I just wanted it to be OVER. I got done 2.5 miles in about 32 minutes. WHOMP. I got through the run and finished with my chest and triceps strength training, but boy was it hard to get through. Lesson learned, FUEL YOUR BODY RIGHT.

There is always tomorrow.

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