Sunday, May 14, 2017

Broad Street Run 2017 Recap

This time last week, I completed the countries largest ten mile race, the Broad Street Run. I finished in 2:02:37. This is the second time I have run this race. The first time was in 2015, and I finished in 2:18:24, so I PR'd by 16 minutes!

This time around, I knew myself a lot better when it came to long distance running. This time, I ruled myself using a GU waffle and a string of GU energy blocks. I can not to the GU gel packs because they severely mess with my stomach. in Broad Street 2015, I went with the recommendation on the package which said to take one 15 minutes before then one every 45 minutes. Now, I am a slower runner, so that meant i had a total of 4 GU's for a ten mile race. That day, I puked my guts out and couldn't move because my stomach literally sounded and felt like a chemistry experiment was going on inside of it.

This year, I ran pretty much the whole way up to 7 miles. I stopped to pee once which NEVER happens in a race, then around mile 7 it started to downpour. That really got me down so I walked about every mile for one minute. If not for those few factors, I think I would have run it in under 2 hours! I guess there is always next year!


Samantha Jole

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