Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Spain Trip 2017

Awh man guys, sorry that it took me so long to post. I feel like since I have gotten home from Spain I have been busy, busy, busy! I imported my pictures like last week and finally have time to sit down and tell you guys about this amazing trip!

Day 1 & 2 - Madrid

Day 1 was a lot of travel. We left from the Philadelphia International Airport and took a 6.5-7 hour plane ride to Madrid. By the time we got there, it was about 10am their time, and we had to wait until 12-1pm to get a bus to the hotel. Once we got there, we checked in and then passed out until we had to go to Orientation at 5:30pm (we were with a travel group of about 50 people). After that, we went and got some food, then went to Parque del Retiro and walked around a bit.


Day 2 We drove around Madrid a bit learning some history, then we went to the Alcazar of Segovia. This caste is said to be the inspiration for Cinderella's castle in Disney!

After that, we went exploring in the city.

Day 3- Toledo

When we got to Toledo, we started by looking at this amazing view.

Then we walked around learning more about the History of the town.

Day 4- Seville

Seville had some of the most beautiful art that I had seen the whole trip. They were heavily inspired by Moorish Architecture. We went to a place called the Plaza de Espana  which was created for the 1928 Ibero-American Exposition World's Fair. Each city designed their own area representing a significant event in their city's history.

Then, we went to the Alcazar which was used to film some scenes from Game of Thrones! The castle was absolutely beautiful.

That night, we enjoyed a Flamenco Show!

Day 5- Granada

Our tour guide told us a story about how in Granada, anyone that orders a drink is supposed to also be served Tappas (bread with a topping). Allegedly, back in the day, people would have to choose between eating or drinking (alcohol) with the little money they had, and usually picked to have a drink. With that, there became a rule that anyone that ordered a drink must also be served Tappas.

So, we all went to an outside restaurant, ordered a drink, and DID NOT GET SERVED TAPPAS! We were so disappointed. After our fail at Tappas, we got lunch and shopped for a little. That night, we walked to one of the highest points in Granada to catch a beautiful sunset.


Day 6- Valencia

Valencia is known for its modern architecture, so when we first arrived we went to Ciutat de les Arts i les Cinches.

Valencia was the closest we had been to the beach, so as soon as we arrived to the hotel that evening, Jenna and I skipped dinner with the rest of the group, got a taxi, and headed for the Mediterranean Sea!

Day 7 & 8 - Barcelona

On the way to Barcelona, we stopped at Pensacola, which was BEAUTIFUL!

That night, we went out to dinner and saw an amazing fountain show! We got so close to the fountains we were DRENCHED!

Then, we made it to Barcelona! We had a free day on our last day, so Jenna and I went to the Picasso Museum, the beach, and Parc de la Ciutadella.

I hope you enjoyed the post! Again, sorry it took so long to put up. There were just SO MANY pictures to go through and to be honest, I was being lazy!


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