Thursday, August 15, 2013

just married (semi) DIY

This summer, one of my oldest friend's Kelly got married. I was in a store called Paper Source in Philadelphia on Walnut Street when I saw a "Just Married" sign that you could make. It was perfect and so easy to make!

 1. Tools you need
        a. Paper Source "Just Married" kit
        b. Scissors
        c. Magnet w/e adhesive

 2. The kit came with a beautiful white ribbon so that you could string the banner together. I wanted to make the letters for the Bride & Groom's car, so I a roll of magnet with the adhesive on the back (I am not sure of the proper term if there is one) and put a few pieces of the black circle/flower looking base piece.

3. Next, you peel off the stickers provided in the pack and smooth them onto the black base.

Here is the finished product!

This store was really awesome to walk around in and I strongly encourage you to check it out online!

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