Saturday, October 29, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things.. about winter.

As the end of October 2011 wraps up, we are suppose to get a little snow here in Philadelphia. All this snow talk is reminding me of Winter that is vastly approaching us, as well as [[dun dun]] the Holiday Season! For whatever reason I am already getting amped up for the Holidays (I normally dread them) and I don't know why. Here is an explanation of my pictures:

1-4: Obvious winter choices. Boots, over sized sweaters, fabulous coat, and a sequined skirt? Perfection.

5: After a long day of work or a cold weekend, who wouldn't want a cozy fire place to snuggle with your pup next to or get invested into a good book? Next house is DEFIANTLY going to have one of these babies.

6: Yummy, warm drinks. Coffee, tea, hot cocoa. vanilla chai.. all delicious and warms you up on a cold day!

7 & 8: These are my holiday favorites. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Bing Crosby. You will love him too after you watch Holiday Inn. Now. Oh and A Santa Cause is my favorite Christmas CD. Okay it isn't your traditional Christmas album, but they do have a couple covers and some new songs... if you are into punkish/emo/screamo type music. I have had it since high school and I continue to listen to it every year.

9: Winter accessories! Hats, scarves, gloves! Cheap and easy to mix and match with your winter coat, or in my case (and maybe some of yours), coats!

10: Old fashioned Christmas lights.

11: Watching the snow fall.

Okay I need to stop because I keep thinking of things that I love about winter. lol. But lastly, what love the most.. since I don't have a REAL fireplace... I just YouTube this one...

Stay warm!

c'est la vie,

Samantha Jole

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